Upcoming project

Currently we are working on a rather unusual track. We never done anything quite like this before, but as much as we love ambient we also tend to experiment with sound. Our good friend agreed to records some guitar tracks and there will also be some female vocal with lyrics for this one. Overall, the project will likely be about 10 to 15 minutes long, so we hope to create a curious little psychill journey.

Also, we are happy to announce that our track, "Marvels"m will be featured on Sombrati Records ambient compilation. Many thanks!



Finally, it seems that we are about to close the first chapter of our music project, that being our first album, back from 2011 - 2012, called "Dusks". It was a long road, but it's finally time to wrap this up.

The tracklist will consist of re-mastered and slightly remixed versions of the majority of songs we published on the internet. We chose Processor, Sun Wind, Tetrahydron, Your Window and 0007 to be featured, as well as five more, unpublished uptil now compositions. Negation, as well as Atomizer were left out in order to keep the CD in it's own, undisturbed, dark ambient dimension. As for Negation, we feel that it's a bit of extreme experimental music, so it will probably not be featured on anything soon. Atomizer, on the other hand, will be published as a single, along two other tracks.

We'll share any new informations on the production of this album as quickly as we can.


Welcome to our blog


Welcome to the Unstatic Noise music project blog. Here you will find the ambient, dark and (sometimes) psychedelic sound. Dream music. Anything the deep subconscious produces.

Who are we? We are a duo of artists. We go by the names Javed and Radi. One of us is mute, so the other pretends to be deaf for the sake of inner balance.

To listen to our songs, either use the player on the bottom of this page, or go to our Soundcloud or YouTube account - you can find the link on the right side of this page. We recommend using headphones in a dark, lonely room for the best effect.

Stay tuned for our upcoming trakcs. We'll try to make it a worthwhile experience.